lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

What's this?

A four sided star looks a bit silly.

This five sided one is a bit over used.

Hey! Whats this?



sabato 20 gennaio 2018

Play Bach.

I was looking for a bit of a challenge yesterday. I actually faced two challenges.
The first thing I did was to walk over Nuova Lazio hill, but you can read about that on Richard's Bass Bag.*
The other thing I did was to restart looking at the praeludium from Bach's first cello suite.

first page

This piece sits well on the violoncello, as does the transposed version on the violin. It is a little bugger to play on the double bass for two reasons:
  • It doesn't sit so well on an instrument tuned in 4ths and
  • You have to play it up an octave to get into the cello range.
I think that this is probably the hardest piece I've tried to play. I learnt another movement from this suite but, in the back of my mind, I knew that the real challenge was the praeludium. There are two passages that I simply don't know how to play. They seem to require a super human left hand. I've decided to crack this nut.
It won't be easy, that's for damn sure.

* the original bass bagging site

giovedì 4 gennaio 2018


So excited to be part of BASS BAG BLOGS - a new initiative of Richard's Bass Bag* that is going to really make blogging exciting!

Our symbol says it all.
We've been given a mandate to write about whatever we like - total freedom!
Those detectives among you will notice that we've resorted to our original slogan...

the blog that's not too bad.

At RBB3 we like to throw a bit of tongue in cheek at you.

* the original bass bagging site

sabato 16 dicembre 2017

Now my brother Robert speaks for me?

He writes...

Richard's proof of evolution.
This is how it happened.
Richard says.
"One day I was walking up the hill through the big pine trees that now have been mostly removed when I noticed shells in the cutting.
How did shells get so high I wondered.
I took a sample with me and put it on the desk next to my computer in the room near the old garage that now houses a set of drums and forgot about it mostly".
Here we briefly digress to a time when the faults of the pacific and  tasman plates collided pushing the hills to their present position.
Richard didn't know this so concluded the shell fish had climbed the mountain and become terrestrial creatures and humans evolved from them.

Robert has written complete and utter shit that I never said.

What Robert has written on his blog.
Why did the set of drums get a mention?


Well, there you go.

lunedì 11 dicembre 2017

The violin strings are settling in well.

Signora Violina having time out with
boyfriend Jim Dandy.
The new strings seem to have given Signora Violina a new least of life. Who knows, if these two keep carrying on like this we might be hearing the ting, ting, ting of a mandolin!

giovedì 7 dicembre 2017

String change time.

It's too long since I've changed my strings. Nice to have a fresh sound.

venerdì 1 dicembre 2017

December has arrived.

That means just over three weeks until Christmas.

All that glitters is not gold.
I guess it's nice to celebrate Angry Jesus' birthday, pity though about the crucifixion and his dad's part in it.
So what happens at Christmas?
  • People give each other presents.
  • People get pissed.
  • Robert goes to church.
  • People put little figures in mangers.
  • People often eat English style food.
  • People sing carols.
  • Uncle Steve comes to stay.
  • People get time off work.
  • A lot of people get new socks, underpants and handkerchiefs.
  • A lot of bathrooms have a new addition - soap on a rope.

I think that's about it. I guess there are also a lot of lonely people. 
There are people in hospital and mental wards, so it's not all just one big fun time.
Some people drink too much and have fights.

Okay, I think I've covered Christmas. 
Then there's New Year - a very similar event but no one famous gets to have a birthday. Though maybe there are famous people out there who were born on New Year's Day?

Miles Davis born Jan 1st  1928?

Bob Hope born Jan 1st 1905?

Liza Minnelli born Jan 1st 1945?
In fact, I'm sure there is a rather long list of famous people born on Jan 1st.

Anyway, that's it from me for today.
Just not Angry Jesus though.